Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Win Scarlett Johannson!

ScarlettAll you guys and gals who cream yourselves upon catching sight of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson need to figure out a way to play it cool. Then you need to head over to ebay and bid on this beautiful baby.

That's right—Scarlett is auctioning herself off for one evening in a humanitarian bid to Oxfam America. Highest bidder gets to hit the premiere of He's Just Not That Into You with The Other Boleyn Girl star. Whoa. So hey, go ahead and make a bid. Bidding is open March 2-12.

While you're over at ebay, do make note of concilliatory bidding on Kristin Davis (Sex and the City movie premiere!) and the Counting Crows. May the best Playgirl win.

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Unnecessary Bling

LipstickHow much would you pay for lipstick? Ten bucks? Fourteen? Twenty? Ninety-nine cents?

How about $62,000?

Bergdorf Goodman recently began offering showings of “KissKiss Gold and Diamonds” lipstick by Guerlain cosmetic house, which comes in an 18-karat gold tube packing 2.2 carats of diamonds, the New York Post reported.

Talk about unnecessary bling, ladies.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why I Feel Camaraderie With Men

High HeelUgh. In another classic move of playing into gender stereotypes, Powderhouse Productions announced the launch of Shoetube.tv, a new online video channel and social community connecting women all across the Internet through their passion for ...shoes. Either I'm a tomboy, or this is just plain lame. Do I really need to visit a Web site on a regular basis to get updates on the "Shoe of the Day"? I'd prefer Playgirl's Daily Fix, personally.

From the press release: "The site will feature a unique blend of fun and fresh original video programs, user-generated videos and photos, and sponsor-created content."

Excuse me while I repeatedly smack my head against a wall.

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The Missionary Position: Fun for gorillas, too!

Banging GorillasHoly Paparazzi!

Gorillas were videotaped banging face-to-face, blowing to smithereens the belief only humans and bonobos are this boring, MSNBC reported.

While researchers have claimed the primates like to make eye contact while doing the deed, no one had ever photographed the action. 'Til now.

"Our current knowledge of wild western gorillas is very limited, and this report provides information on various aspects of their sexual behavior," said Thomas Breuer of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. "It is fascinating to see similarities between gorilla and human sexual behavior demonstrated by our observation."

The female in the photograph, Leah, also made news in 2005 when she became the first of her kind spotted using tools. Researchers watched her use a stick to test the depth of a pool of water before wading into it. So routine sexual positions are supposed to mean a more developed brain? I object!

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Vatican Interference

BishopTerming sexual scenes in movies “vulgar and destructive,” the Italian Synod of Bishops urged actors to stay away from such activity on film, Times Online reported.

Controversy surrounding this platform stems from a recent condemnation by the bishops of a sex scene in Caos Calmo, starring the Italian actor and director Nanni Moretti

"Father Nicolò Anselmi, head of the youth section of the Italian Bishops Conference, said that Moretti was normally noted for his 'idealistic and sensitive' films, the Times reported. "But the 'gratuitous' sex scene with Isabella Ferrari, his co-star, would have an undesirable effect on the 'impressionable young' since it was shown without any context involving love or tenderness. Who would Jesus condemn?

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fresh Meat: Aditya 'Romeo' Dev

Little Weight-LifterWoah ladies, control yourselves.

Introducing Aditya 'Romeo' Dev for your pleasure! This little guy, measuring in at a mere 2'9" and about 20 pounds, is India's latest sensation.

The local gym where Aditya pumps iron daily is always packed with observers, the Daily Mail reported."I've been training as a bodybuilder for the last two years, and by now I think I must be the strongest dwarf in the world," Dev, 19, told the Mail. "My size has never stopped me."

In 2006, after months of intense exercise, the Guinness Book of World Records named Dev the smallest bodybuilder on the planet, the Telegraph reported.

He also dances, gals. Get on it.

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Bang Before Battle

Mating CricketsTop-of-the-line crickets used in China's notorious prize fights always have a nice romp in the sheets pre-battle, the Los Angeles Times reported. Sold for the US equivalent of about $10,000, the little insects are fed lots of veggies and calcium supplements, and always get their jollies off before taking to the ring. And I always thought pent-up sexual energy was the chief cause of fights.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Review: The Thrills' Teenager


The Thrills, a five-piece Dublin band with two albums prior, recorded Teenager in a little place in Vancouver called The Warehouse, which was a morgue in a former incarnation and is rumored to be haunted. I only mention this because it seems immediately relevant once you get into this album, mixed with brooding ballads and a sense of lost innocence. There couldn't be a more apropos album title.

These guys are already big in the UK, with Teenager receiving all kinds of four-star reviews. Leave it to the United States to be once again behind the ball. But now you have no excuse. Dim the lights, pop a cold one, and set some candles ablaze before your beau gets home tonight. Then throw on Teenager and let the mood take care of itself. You'll be grinding just like your former teenage self in no time. Now that's hot.

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DNA to Determine if Headless Killer Faked Her Death

Belle IThe most infamous femme fatale of modern-day crime, Belle “the Black Widow” Gunness, purportedly killed between 25 and 40 people during her reign of terror; lasting almost a decade before 1908 when her headless body was found alongside her three dead children in the basement of Gunness' burned-out Indiana farmhouse.

Many people at the time (most specifically Gunness' former farmhand Ray Lamphere, who was put away for the rest of his life for allegedly killing Gunness and the kids) believed Gunness faked her own death, using some other poor lady's bod as a stand-in for her own. University of Indianapolis researchers have taken it upon themselves to solve this mystery once and for all, by comparing DNA to the now-exhumed body to cells found on letters Gunness mailed to rich male suitors (it's widely believed she killed many of her victims for their money). Andrea Simmons, a grad student in human biology at U of Indy and the leader of this forensic investigation, said these men's bodies most likely ended up buried behind Gunness' house.

Belle IIIt's widely believed Gunness, a Norwegian immigrant, faked her death and headed west to California to continue her murderous campaigning for 23 more years. Contributing to this case is the fact Gunness favored poison as her weapon of choice; and that in 1931, 23 years after Gunness' “death”, a woman matching Gunness' description was arrested in California for the alleged poisoning of a Norwegian man.

She would have been in her early 70s at the time, so it's not impossible," Simmons said. "Before Indiana authorities could get to California and see if they could identify her, she died of tuberculosis in police custody and was buried."
Oh, not to mention: "Days before the fire, she [Gunness] bought five gallons of kerosene and made a lot of noise in town about her farmhand plotting to kill her," Simmons said
. All this started going down pretty soon after the rumor mill began buzzing about dudes arriving at Gunness' place and disappearing.

Simmons' team collected bone samples from remains found at the Gunness farm. The plan is to compare that DNA to the cells in Gunness' letters; as well as possibly exhuming the body in California for its potential DNA samples. Results should start rolling in sometime during April. Oooh, a good mystery!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dolly's Boobs Call a Time-Out; Tour Postponed

DollyDolly Parton's United States tour was postponed six to eight weeks due to back problems caused by—what else?—her unbelievably huge tatas, her Web site reported.

"I know I have been breaking my neck and bending over backwards trying to get my new Backwoods Barbie CD and world tour together, but I didn't mean to hurt myself doing it!" she said in a statement. Her tour was scheduled to begin Feb. 28 in Minneapolis, Minn. to promote her new album (which, btw, Playgirl reported on last year).

"But hey," she continued, "you try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don't have back problems.

"Seriously though, the doctors said I will be good as new in a few weeks, and I can't wait to get back out there. See you soon, Dolly."

Get the next best thing to seeing her live here (for real; don't skip the intro!).

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The Mom Bomb

Mom Bomb

In their latest scare-tactic issuance, the floundering Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI warn terrorists disguised as pregnant women are lurking throughout America with bombs hidden under "pregnant" bellies, Fox (who else?) reported.

"See that pregnant lady over there?" Fox's teaser line asked. "The DHS warns she might be the last thing you ever see in your life." Nice.

Buried in the report is this admission: "The [FBI/DHS] assessment, which emphasizes that DHS and FBI have no solid evidence indicating imminent homicide bombing attacks on U.S. soil, also reminds law enforcement officials that 'facilities such as public places' are the most vulnerable to homicide bombing attacks and that 'the terrorist's latitude in determining and adjusting the target and timing of an attack up to the point of detonation' make it difficult to prepare countermeasures."

So wait a second. There are bombers running loose across America, disguised as pregnant women, but we don't actually have any basis for this sweeping determination? God bless homeland security.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Man 'Sure' He's Half Dracula, Half Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf

Kristian Allen Carl, a 19-year-old convinced he was part werewolf, part vampire, was arrested for sexual assault, the Allentown Morning Call reported.

Police told the paper Carl additionally believed he had a guardian dragon that “protected him from evildoers.”

Our Freak of the Week was charged with statutory sexual assault after admitting he had sex with his victim, 15, after meeting her the previous night and convincing her he was a ghoulish hybrid.

Carl even tried convincing cops of his "curse": "He showed me his canine teeth,"Pottsville police Sgt. James Joos told the Morning Call. "I let him know that all mammals, including humans, have canine teeth." Good one!

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Denmark's Elders Have the Sweetest Hookups

Nursing Home

When you're faced with choosing a nursing home for your decrepit and single relative, consider sending him or her to Denmark, where staff at some nursing homes help to facilitate encounters between residents and prostitutes.

Sygeplejersken, a trade magazine for nurses and carers, found in a survey of 13 nursing homes that many nursing-home residents feel the need to satiate their sexual desires—and nursing-home staff is more than willing to lend a helping hand the Copenhagen Post reported. Prostitution is, of course, legal in Denmark.

"Our policy is that we generally try to help satisfy our residents’ needs," a nurse from Holmegårdsparken nursing home in Charlottenlund told the Post.

"We have one resident who has been using the services of a prostitute for some time," said Merete Baastrup, manager of the Kildegården nursing home in Skanderborg in Jutland.

While prostitution is legal, this study set off a controversy over whether it's appropriate for staff to assist residents in hiring a prostitute. In Århus, it was recommended that other options were considered before resorting to prostitutes. A 2006 anti-hooking campaign in Copenhagen barred the use of prostitutes in nursing homes. Ugh. That's kind of like telling your 106-year-old grandma she can't have any ice cream because she's diabetic. Can't we let the old have any last forays into fun?

Judith Rosenkrantz, a sexual therapist, stressed to the Post the importance of providing residents with prostitutes as requested: "If an elderly person does not have his or her needs satisfied," she said, "they can become aggressive and resort to violence."

She added that it was often male and mentally handicapped residents who needed more bodily contact.

"Sexual intercourse is rarely what they want. A bit of cuddling, masturbation or a dildo can do the trick," she explained. Well obviously! Most of these dudes probably can't get it up anymore, anyway.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Thin Defense

Steel DrumAn Australia man was finally convicted this morning on a murder charge, after sticking fast to his weak-as-hell story that he wasn't responsible for the death of his wife, whose body he took efforts to conceal in a steel drum in his backyard for 23 years. Nice.
Frederick Boyle, 58, claimed he hid the body of Edwina Boyle out of panic after finding her dead in bed at their home on the outskirts of the southern city of Melbourne on Oct. 6, 1983.
He pled not guilty at the start of the week-long trial, which ended this morning. Boyle claimed when he found his dear, 30-year-old wife dead back in the 80s, she had two bullets in her head and one of Boyle's neck ties around her throat. Mysterious.
Boyle told the court he worried he would be a suspect (really?!), most notably because he was at the time having an affair. So, Boyle did the only logical thing: He shoved his wife's body in a steel drum, and rolled her out into the couple's suburban backyard."Obviously, I didn't want to be charged with a murder I didn't commit," he told the court.
Then, Boyle told his two daughters their mama "ran off with a truck driver." Did I mention how classy Boyle is? Fast-forward to October 2006, when one of those daughter's husbands cleaned up the Boyles' yard and opened the 45-gallon drum. Geez.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Colorado Legislator Calls Unwed Teen Parents 'Sluts'

Larry ListonAll of you will be thrilled to know that legislator Larry Liston (R-Colorado Springs) on Wednesday described unmarried teen parents as “sluts”, the Associated Press reported.

“In my parents’ day and age, [unmarried teen parents] were sent away, they were shunned, they were called what they are,” Liston said during a GOP legislative caucus meeting in Denver. “There was at least a sense of shame.”

Oh wait, it gets better! “There’s no sense of shame today," he continued. "Society condones it. ... I think it’s wrong. They’re sluts. And I don’t mean just the women. I mean the men, too.”

You can let Larry know what you think of his little rant through e-mail: larry.liston.house@state.co.us. Let freedom ring.

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From the Files of Captain Obvious: Sex-ed teachers don't know s*@t!

Sex EdIf I could have placed a wager on who in my high school was least qualified to teach a bunch of horny hetero teenagers about sex, I would have bet it all on the asexual, dykey sports coach (whose understanding of dude-on-broad action was limited to whatever she'd witnessed in the hallways) who guided my junior-high class toward "sexual awareness".

Having known at 17 how underqualified the sex-ed teaching staff in this country is, it should come as no surprise I was underwhelmed by a recent Reuters headline, “Many sex ed teachers may lack training”.

I know! Shocking! “A sizable minority of sex education teachers does not cover all of the basics,” the news site reported, “and many lack training to teach sex ed at all, a survey of teachers in one state suggests.” Great. Apparently, a study of sex-ed teachers at 201 Illinois schools showed a full one-third of instructors didn't offer “comprehensive instruction—defined as covering the four basic topics of abstinence, birth control, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.” Thirty percent claimed to have “no special training in teaching sex education.” Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don't it?

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Heidi FleissHeidi Fleiss was arrested last night in Nye County, Nev., on charges of driving without a license, possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription, being under the influence of a controlled substance, and driving under those same influences. The former Hollywood "madam" (read: hooker) couldn't prove the prescription narcotics deputies found in her car belonged to her. Whoopsies.

But Ms. Fleiss wasn't alone! Some dude called John Owen, sitting shotgun in Fleiss' ride, was also cuffed when it became clear he too was f-ed up on something, and had some weed on him. Great work, everybody.

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At-Home Circumcision Lands Man in Jail

ForeskinA man in Dallas, N.C., was charged with child abuse for circumcising his two baby boys at home with a utility knife, the Associated Press reported.

Johnny Eric Marlowe, a 32-year-old polygamist, fathered one child with his legal wife, and the other with his other ladyfriend (who also lives in the house). Both sons were birthed at the little clan's home, four months apart. Shelly Hartley, a Caldwell County detective, told the Associated Press that Marlowe "doesn't like hospitals and denied the women prenatal care in both cases, then circumcised the boys when they were 8 days old."

Marlowe is serving a 150-day jail sentence there on charges of resisting a public officer, assault on a female, and multiple counts of child neglect. Dude has 11 children with the two women.

A former neighbor had this to say: "Sick, he's got a sick mind. Anybody that would do that to their children -- there's something really wrong with them.”

I concur.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

'Yikes' File: Dude admits sex with corpse, denies murder

BowmanA man accused of murdering a British model admitted having sex with her corpse but denied killing her, a British court heard in what prosecutors called a desperate defence, Reuters reported.

Mark Dixie, a 37-year-old chef, did the deed with 18-year-old model Sally Anne Bowman's badly hurt corpse, which had stab wounds in the neck and belly when it was found in Croydon, south London. His defense? That he "stumbled across the body while drunk and 'took advantage of the situation' to have sex with the corpse." Man. It's all just wrong on so many levels.

Bowman aspired to be a high-profile fashion model; a dream cut short by some murderous tweaker who attacked her around 4 a.m. in Croydon in September 2005 soon after her boyfriend dropped her off near her home. Sex acts and intercourse were imposed on Bowman as she died or after she was dead

A neighbor found Bowman's body a couple of hours later.

Bowman, who worked as a hairdresser to make ends meet, was also a musician. She additionally earned a spot the prestigious British Record Industry Trust School.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

mb Manage: Fight or Flight for Advancement

We help you decide whether it's time to leave your current job or angle for a promotion
By Maya Avrasin –
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With so many people hopscotching among magazines, there are days when the Revolving Door Newsletter looks more like musical chairs than an industry roundup. People tend to advance every time they jump, and some even stay at a magazine to get promoted within. But how exactly did they do it?

"I started looking for advancement after I had been an editorial assistant for almost two years at Us Weekly," says Kirsten Sardis, who is now entertainment editor for Clear Channel Online Music and Radio. "I felt I was already doing the work of an assistant editor and I wanted to be compensated with both a salary and title change -- and of course, I wanted more writing assignments. Luckily, they agreed."

Sardis' case is common enough for entry-level advancement, and in most situations, employers usually reward employees who exceed expectation and work diligently toward company goals -- regardless of their job description.

Use new responsibilities to propel promotion
Christine Ford, director of local content and special projects at Kaboose.com, says she's always looked for opportunities throughout her career, but cautions against seeming unhappy in one's current job. "Do it well and be positive and [management will] think of you when the time is right," she says. "I always [tried] to look for new, better ways of doing things and whenever I found free time from my regular duties, I would offer to take on other projects."

Chipping in also helps bulk up your portfolio and experience level, which will enable you to showcase your skills when job openings become available. Thea Palad, who is now fashion credits editor at Marie Claire, was promoted twice in three years when she started her career at More. "I'm always looking for advancement -- it's my primary motivator," she says. "If I'm working on a project, I give 110 percent. It's like, if you're going to half-ass it, why bother? [At
More], I worked my butt off and learned so much (with a small beauty and fashion department, I had a hand in everything)."

"I was quite happy at More and would not have left so soon, had I not been poached by
Life & Style."

If your current work environment continues to offer room for advancement, then according to many media pros, you are lucky. For everyone else, the time to move on in order to move up usually comes mid-level in your career path. "You know the signs when there is no advancement," says Kaboose.com's Ford. "They are always talking about not having a budget for anything, people leave and they don't replace them, other people don't move up either. You can usually see the writing on the wall. It can happen for several reasons. But when you are in that type of environment it's better to move on. You'll get jaded, stale and soft. You'll lose your edge and start saying, 'why bother.' When you feel yourself getting like that, move on before you become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

Hitting a current job's ceiling
Realizing that you have hit the ceiling in your current job is a scary revelation, and one filled with uncertainty. But everyone interviewed for this story took risks -- some that garnered big payoffs and some that led to unemployment. "It's difficult to map out a strategy in magazines," says Marie Claire's Palad. "Publications fold, editors play musical chairs, there's always office politics at play, and luck is such an important element to consider. Many times it's being at the right place at the right time, getting an inside tip or simply knowing the right people."

Comparatively, Palad's career path was pretty steady. After her four-year stint at More, she became associate beauty editor at Twist, which gave her more control over her duties, she says. After six months, she took over fashion. "I was quite happy there and would not have left so soon, had I not been poached by Life & Style," she says. After less than a year at Life & Style
as fashion market editor, Palad moved to Marie Claire.

In contrast, Kaboose.com's Ford found success after being laid off during the Internet bubble burst in 2000 -- shortly after launching ModernBride.com. Ford returned to print as managing editor of Working Mother and then started her own consulting business when she became a mother. It wasn't until she took a part-time job as a public relations director at a library that she realized she missed the dot-com work. "I had thought for awhile that I didn't want to go back into publishing, or dot-coms, but then I started applying all that I had learned in the big leagues to this little local library job," she says. "I realized how much I loved doing what I do, and that I was ready to go back to dot-coms."

When a change is required, work your connections
The more skills you acquire in your career, the easier it may be to advance. Plus, the more relationships you build from your various positions will help you along your journey. "You can definitely get a job if you send a resume, but I have always had better results when working through connections," says Kaboose.com's Ford. "The key is not to stay in contact just because you want to 'use' people later. Make friends with people that you like at the office and then stay in touch because you like them. And when you see an opportunity for someone else, let them know."

There seems to be a formula for getting promoted and advancing, but personality needs to be taken into account when identifying what position is right for you. "Your personality has an effect on advancement to an extent," says Clear Channel's Sardis . "If the job demands constant schmoozing and networking with people and you're not exactly a 'people person,' then it's understandable why you wouldn't be hired."

Nicole Caldwell, who recently was promoted to editor-in-chief at Playgirl, says identifying opportunities for advancement shouldn't just be about getting the top job. "It's a lot of options to weigh out; but more important than 'getting ahead,' I think, is being somewhere you can be happy and exhibit your creativity and skill," she says. Getting to the top of the masthead at Playgirl was never Caldwell 's ultimate goal, she says. "I didn't set out to do that; I just set out to outdo myself and this is where I've landed. It's no good being in a high-up position if you're forced to sacrifice the fun of your trade and be miserable. Better to shine and do your thing."

And in Other Cheeky News...

Barbie buttThe Federal Communications Commission wants to sue ABC for $1.4 million over a 2003 episode of “NYPD Blue” in which a chick's ass is shown. Apparently an ass-shot violates some decency regulations for showing “sexual or excretory organs or activities". ABC's comeback? To revert to childhood playground “Is not/Is too” banter: The station claimed the ass isn't a sexual organ.

Then, the FCC argued back: “Although ABC argues, without citing any authority, that the buttocks are not a sexual organ, we reject this argument, which runs counter to both case law and common sense.” Yeah, take that ABC!

If anyone wants to get technical, the ass actually isn't a sexual organ; that is, you can't use an ass to sexually reproduce. Plus, an “organ” is defined as “a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function." And contrary to popular belief, the buttocks themselves simply aren't specialized like that. Point God. Now, about those pesky nudity laws...

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Hairy Survival

Survivor ChicksAny schmoe'll tell you reality shows are staged. People on dating shows are asked to repeat themselves, sit a certain way, look in a specific direction. No one's fooled by a sense of intimacy on the “Real World”—especially when we consider the camera crew tagging along. And a recent National Enquirer went behind the scenes with one contestant from the Swan and her horrible post-show dramatics.

So why should we be surprised that women on “Survivor” never grow hair? Here are a few questions posed to Andy Dehnart, msnbc.com's television editor:

Q: On “Survivor,” I have noticed the women's legs, underarms and eyebrows never grow crazy (like the men's beards). Do they give them razors and allow them to shave for TV purposes? — Dawn-Marie B., Commack, N.Y.
Q: On “Survivor,” are the women allowed to take personal hygiene items for “that time of the month”? — Melissa
Q: Almost every “Survivor” show has started with the contestants learning that they have to go with whatever they are wearing. Why in the world do they wear such skimpy dresses? And this season they were all given bathing suits and tennis shoes? Why was that? — Debbie, Louisville, Ky.
A.The contestants do not have access to razors, nor do they shave during their time on the island. Any lack of growth you notice probably has to do with waxing or laser procedures, or the quality of the footage on your TV screen.
"Survivor" host Jeff Probst was actually thrilled to answer that very question when a reporter asked it during a conference call last week, as the host said even his mother asks him if the contestants get makeup before Tribal Council or other TV-friendly cosmetic procedures.
His answer was a definite no on all accounts. "There is absolutely nothing, nothing," he said. "They are given exactly what we say they have." He noted he wasn't sure why some contestants appear to look fresh and seem clean-shaven all the time. As to their hairiness, he said, "I think some of the people get a laser procedure that will go in a little deeper than a shave will go."
Probst added that the show's "women have more hair than you can see" because "they don't have tweezers, they don't shave. The guys don't get anything."
As always, the cast members do receive essential items such as tampons and condoms, and he said that birth control comes into play soon, as there are "love affairs this season, plural," including "some of the most intimate footage we've ever had."

Regarding their clothing, cast members’ clothes are essentially selected by producers to make sure their clothes work on TV (e.g., don't have logos or odd stripes) and meet their other needs. Last season, contestants received shoes before a challenge when they needed them, and got their own bathing suits in tree mail one day, perhaps because their underwear was getting too ratty and skimpy and making the censors work overtime.

Probst said producers "strip-search them before the show," and "control all of" what they bring with them in their bags. That's why contestants don't wear, as Probst said, "three pairs of underwear" or bring better clothes along. And producers make decisions about what else to offer contestants, like the swimsuits that appeared during "Survivor: China."

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Experts Agree: Your marriage is only going to get worse!

MarriageA little gem over at msnbc.com yesterday reported "couples irritate each other more as they age, but that means they're close." Or something.

Apparently, couples drive each other crazier with time (as if I really needed to report on that). A study also suggests irritability toward your bedfellow is "normal in a close relationship." Wow. If there weren't already more than enough reasons to stay single.

Lead study author Kira Birditt, a research fellow at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, and U-M colleagues Lisa Jackey and Toni Antonucci researched the ways in which negative views of spouses, friends and children changed over time and among different age groups, including young adults (ages 20 to 39), middle-aged adults (40 to 59) and older adults (60 and over).

Responses from a Social Relations and Health Over the Life Course study yielded information in 1992 and 2005 detailing perspectives of more than 800 people. In both those years, the guinea pigs were asked to agree or disagree with two statements: "My (spouse/partner, child, friend) gets on my nerves," and "My (spouse/partner, child, friend) makes too many demands on me."

Across the board, people's spouses were cited as being way more obnoxious than children and friends.

For all you 20- and 30-somethings sporting googly eyes over your partners, take heed: Participants in that very age group had the most negative relationships overall. May casual sex commence.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Humanity

Iranians Watch DeathTwo Iranian sisters, caught on camera keeping company with men other than their husbands while at home, face the death penalty by stoning for adultery, the Etemad newspaper reported.

Adultery is a capital crime in Islamic Iran, however the video footage does not show any sexual activity between the sisters and their guests. One of the women's husband planted a camera when he went away, on suspicion his wife was unfaithful.

Zohreh, 27, and Azar were initially tried for “illegal relations” and received 99 lashes; in a second trial they were convicted of adultery. The penal court of Tehran province consequently handed down a death-by-stoning sentence.

The women admitted to being in the camera footage set up by Zohreh's husband; but denied adultery. "There is no legal evidence whereby the judge could have the knowledge for issuing a stoning sentence," Jabbar Solati, the girls' lawyer, said, adding he had appealed to the state prosecutor. "The two sisters have been tried twice for one crime.”

You can legally be fried in Iran for murder, rape, armed robbery, serious drug trafficking and adultery (and for added effect, the death penalty brings in large crowds, as shown in the above photo of Iranians watching an execution). Iran and China lead the world in death-penalty convictions (Iran's chief method is hanging).

Zohreh was quoted in the paper as saying she shared a volatile relationship with her husband because of strict limits he imposed.

"I was a teacher and loved my job but my husband did not let me work... he was always suspicious of me and thought our differences were because I had an affair."

File this one under corrupt patriarchies.

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Foot Fetish

Kiss FeetNewest way to score $50,000: Accuse your eye doctor's assistant of licking your toes during an exam.

Roman Tesfaye alleged she went to the Myers-Wyse Center for the Eye in Skokie, Ill., last July for a routine eye exam. Tesfaye said she was escorted into a room and joined by Joseph Vernell, Jr. (Dr. Tamara Wyse's assistant); who was dressed in surgical scrubs.

Vernell then dimmed the lights.

The Chicago Tribune reported: "The suit alleges Vernell then told her he was going to perform a 'strip test,' and placed a strip over her eyes and told her she must keep her eyes closed for 5 to 7 minutes. He then reclined the examination chair and raised her legs onto another chair, at which point Tesfaye 'felt her right shoe fall off,' the suit states.

"'Ms. Tesfaye felt something touching her toes,' according to the suit. 'After feeling the toe-touching several times, she opened her eyes and witnessed Mr. Vernell stand up and pull his shirt down.'

"When she accused him of licking her toes, Vernell allegedly replied, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I was checking your sugar level,' the suit states"

The lawsuit, filed by Tesfaye, seeks in excess of $50,000 for battery and emotional distress.

How come nothing fun ever happens when I visit doctors?

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So Benign it Hurts

Abercrombie Pic

An Abercrombie & Fitch store manager in Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach, Virg., was cited on obscenity charges for lewd and lascivious images such as the above photograph of extremely hot dudes (and one butt crack), the Virginian-Pilot reported.

Police responded on the scene to complaints about promo pics hanging in the store on Saturday. Two large images (one pasted above) were removed. A police spokesman said store management ignored orders to remove the photographs.

City Code Section 22.31 makes it a crime to display "obscene materials in a business that is open to juveniles."

The other image is of a woman who is topless and whose "breast is displayed with her hand covering just the nipple portion," Bernstein said. "You could still pretty much see the rest of the breast."

Funny. In a world of Britney crotch-shots, Victoria's Secret marketing lingerie to 'tweens, Girls Gone Wild, and enough war photography and violence in movies to make anyone's stomach turn, we still get all bent out of shape over hot men.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Banned: Provocateurs

Borat Swimsuit Some people have no sense of humor; others lack an eye for double standards; and the cops in New Zealand are just plain square.

Rugby fans are officially banned from wearing skimpy bathing suits, a la Borat, to a rugby tournament, Courier Mail reported.

The alleged idea here is to protect innocent children from having to ball-gaze whilst trying to take in a hearty round of rugby. But no one seems to mind it when chicks play eye candy for dudes. Where's the equality here?

The world rugby Sevens event in Wellington last year attracted several dozen men unafraid to flaunt their family jewels in the infamous, bright onesies. But an officer said last week on television, "It's a family event and there will be children there." He also asked fans to demonstrate "a sense of decency".

Anyone showing up in said threads will not be permitted entry. Lame. I wonder if they're close to banning low-cut tops and bikinis.

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Random Weirdness: Hillary Clinton toilet-bowl brush

Hillary ToiletSo, my first reaction to discovering the Hillary Clinton toilet bowl brush ("First Cleaning Lady") was to denounce it for obvious sexist offenses. I considered the inherent suggestiveness of domestic roles, and “the man” keeping us down by yet again realigning women with household duties instead of, say, running for president.

What nerve!, I thought, and immediately started writing this blog in my head.

Then, I visited the Web site and discovered a couple more gems: George Bush as Head of State and Osama Bin-Scrubbin'. Foot: Meet my mouth.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Do Not Disturb

crocodileWhat's the difference between humans and crocodiles?

For one thing, when someone accidentally stumbles across two people mid-bang (I believe the scientific term for said butting-in is a coitus interruptus), the common reaction is embarrassment (excepting those exhibitionists we love so much). But not the crocodile, no no. Those guys just get angry; then they get even.

Authorities ordered a cull on the crocs living in a coastal community on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island. A hunting party was requested of anyone owning a licensed firearm. Some people are determined to ruin everyone else's fun.

Breeding crocodiles become super aggressive when folks stumble across reptilian mating grounds: Some banging crocs killed a dude just last week; and a child in early January was attacked while diving. And you thought bondage was hard-core.

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For Sale: Kangaroo scrotum

Scrotum pouchThe disturbing yet addictive site tellmewhereonearth.com outdid itself with this listing for a kangaroo scrotum, being sold for a mere $19.99. Sorry Peta!

This is one of those products that reminds me yet again of how weird humans are.

For your reading pleasure, after the jump I've reprinted the site's rendition of the classic “legend of the roo pouch”: