Friday, October 21, 2011

The Source

This is the place where I first fell in love.

Where my heart slid into my stomach; where my fingers shook and my breath caught and I felt embarrassed before I said anything.

Where the bottle twirled and the moon sang and the trees bent and the water lapped against the shore and I first knew what this felt like. When you asked me if I was ready for this; when you called me shy and wondered if this was real; when you inched your fingers along my leg one song at a time while the CD replayed itself over and over again.

This is the beginning, before there were secrets. When I didn't have doubt. When everything was possible and only infinity stretched out ahead of us. When my body felt new and untouched; like you were the first to discover me, and this, and us, and I wondered what kind of person I would have been if I had never found you.

This is when I trusted you, and I promised you, and knew that this was it, there would be no other loves beyond this love, beyond you, beyond us. This is when I was sure you would be the one to draw that unnameable kind of love out of me. This is when I believed you would reach further than anyone ever had, to this private untapped place that's never been touched. This is when I believed you were strong, and you were brave, and you would stop at nothing to be the biggest version of yourself; the full, large, open person I would follow anywhere.

This is the time I believed your words over all other words; your expression over all other expressions; chose your kisses over all other kisses; reflected myself through your eyes over all other eyes.

This is the beginning; the Once Upon a Time. This is me before you; this is where it all begins. Over and over again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Watertown Daily Times Profiles Award-Winners

Jaycees to give three Young Professional awards on ThursdayFrom Watertown Daily Times, Oct. 19, 2011

Nicole Caldwell, Jason F. White and Kelli J. Thesier have different careers and north country experiences, but the three all will receive Young Professionals Awards from the Greater Watertown Jaycees on Thursday.

“All three of them were very active in their careers and professions, but were also really active in their communities,” said Janelle G. Bossuot, a Jaycees member who was on the selection committee. “These are the next generation, being groomed to be leaders for tomorrow, so I think it’s important to recognize them and award them for their achievements so far.”

The awards will be given at a noon luncheon Thursday at Ramada Inn, Route 3. Kenneth J. Eysaman, editor of NNY Business, will speak. Tickets are $20 and registration is by email through

Ms. Caldwell is executive director of Better Farms LLC and betterArts, an organic farm and a nonprofit to increase access to arts for people through artist residence programs, gallery openings and workshops.The New Jersey native moved to the north country after her uncle left his house and land in Redwood to her.

“He started a commune here in 1970, so the people in Redwood still call it the old hippie farm,” Ms. Caldwell said. “The farm overall has the goal to merge the creative spirit and live closer to the earth.”
She began her “huge labor of love and grand experiment” in summer 2009 and saw its programs blossom through this past summer, including college internships for those working on the organic farming aspect and resident artists, who created art for gallery openings and also worked on the farm. A barn renovation was recently finished and betterArts is raising money to offer free workshops and private music and art lessons there, in addition to gallery openings.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 Young Professionals Award Winners Announced

The Greater Watertown Jaycees, in partnership with the Jefferson-Lewis Workforce Investment Board and the Jefferson County Job Development Corporation, have announced the recipients of the 2011 Young Professionals Awards.

This year’s recipients are Dr. Kelli J. Thesier, Ms. Nicole Caldwell, and Dr. Jason F. White. 
Dr. Kelli J. Thesier, owner of Carthage Family Chiropractic Care, was selected for her outstanding leadership in business.  Dr. Thesier has owned and operated Carthage Family Chiropractic Care for the past three years and was nominated by Ms. Crystal Loomis, Carthage Family Chiropractic Care.

Ms. Loomis noted that, “Dr. Thesier has made positive impacts on her personnel, clientele, colleagues and peers through her sense of business, personality and leadership skills.”  Dr. Thesier is a former President of the Carthage Lions Club and was the recipient of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Excellence in Small Business Award.

Ms. Nicole Caldwell, Executive Director of Better Farm, LLC, was selected for her outstanding leadership in arts and culture. Ms. Caldwell is a professional writer, editor and photographer.  Better Farm, founded in 2009, is a non-profit sustainability education center and artists’ retreat in Redwood. 
Ms. Caldwell was nominated by Ms. Kari Robertson, North Country Arts Council, because, “she is a pioneer, building a model for a world that empowers and connects community; that faces contemporary issues with a creative and intelligent approach.”

Dr. Jason F. White, Internal Medicine of NNY, was selected for his outstanding leadership and volunteer work in his community.  Dr. White serves on the board of directors for Neighbors of Watertown, and is actively involved with Tree Watertown, Advantage Watertown, and the Black River Committee of the City of Watertown, having served in leadership roles for these groups. Professionally, he is chair of the Jefferson Physician Organization’s Rewarding Physician Excellence Clinical Committee.

Dr. White was nominated by Ms. Lorraine Clement, Jefferson Physician Organization, LLC, noting, “Dr. White’s positive attitude and the excitement he brings to each of the people he touches is inspiring.”

The Young Professionals Awards were created by the Greater Watertown Jaycees in 2007 to recognize our areas leaders under the age of 40.

Recipients will be honored at a luncheon on Thursday, October 20, noon, at the Ramada Inn.  The guest speaker is Mr. Kenneth J. Eysaman, NNY Business Journal. Tickets are $20 and you can register by contacting  

Stay tuned to for coverage of the event and to hear from recipients.